Cross flow fan



W type high temperature centrifugal fan application:

W series high-temperature centrifugal fan is a high-efficiency and low-noise fan. It is mainly used to transport high-temperature gas that does not spontaneously ignite when the temperature of the medium is below 600 ° C, is harmless to the human body, and is non-corrosive to steel materials. The dust and hard particles contained in the gas Particulate matter is not more than 150mg/m³. (Medium type: hot air, dust-laden hot gas, dust-laden hot flue gas, dust-laden corrosive hot flue gas)

W type high temperature centrifugal fan form:

(1) The fan is single suction, and the machine numbers are No.5.5, 6, 6.3, 10, 11.5, 12.5 and other machine numbers.

(2) The outlet position of the fan is represented by the outlet angle of the casing, and the left and right rotations can be made into 0°, 90°, 180°. In addition to specifying the left and right rotation, the user also needs to specify the angle of the air outlet when ordering.

(3) The fan can be made into two forms of left and right rotation. When viewed from one end of the motor, if the impeller rotates clockwise, it is called a right-rotating fan, which is represented by "right"; if it rotates counterclockwise, it is called a left-rotating fan. "Left" means.

(4) The transmission of the fan is C-type and D-type, and C-type and D-type represent the pulley drive and the coupling drive respectively.

W type high temperature centrifugal fan structure:

(1) Impeller: It is welded by 12 backward-inclined flat-shaped blades, an arc-conical front disk and a flat-shaped rear disk, and the material is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. The impeller has undergone dynamic, static balance and overspeed tests.

(2) Air inlet: Convergent and streamlined, fixed on the fan inlet side.

(3) Chassis: The volute is welded with steel plates, and the casing can be made into a whole or two-open or three-open structure. For the induced wind, the volute plate is appropriately thickened to enhance its wear resistance.

(4) Transmission group: It is composed of main shaft, water cooling device, bearing and so on.

W type high temperature centrifugal fan parameters (one model as an example)

机号 转速 全 压 流量 电 动 机
  r / min Pa m³/h 型号 功率 KW
5.5 2900 1983-1354 7140-13200 Y160M2-2 15
2900 1553-1060 7140-13200 Y160M2-2 15
2530 1509-1030 6229-11515 Y160M1-2 11
6 2900 2356-1609 9260-11515 Y180M-2 22
6.3 2240 1955-1336 8280-15245 Y160L-2 18.5
10 1450 1647-1124 21500-39500 Y225S-4 37
11.5 1450 2724-1883 32600-6000 Y280S-4 75
12.5 1180 2142-1612 34097-62906 Y250M-4 55